Are Indoor Grills Healthy ?

Cooking on the grill or on the barbecue, which involves direct exposure to the heat source, is the modern and controlled version of the oldest cooking technique: cooking on fire. The intense flavor of grilled foods results from the many chemical reactions that occur when a food is subjected to very high temperatures.Get Best Indoor Grill

Unfortunately, this intense heat that causes succulent caramelization of sugars has a less desirable side, the outside of the food could be carbonized even before the inside has begun to cook.

Grilling is therefore reserved only for fast-cooking foods, such as fish and thin cuts of meat or poultry.

Why Indoor Grills are not Healthy ?

The disadvantages of grilling

  1. Grilling temperatures cause the formation of carcinogenic substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when the fat of the meat drips on hot coals and is deposited on the meat in the form of smoke.Know about Grill Pans if they are really good for grilling or not.
  2. Limit smoke exposure by cooking or boiling your food first, then toasting for a few minutes at the end for a crisp exterior and luscious interior.
  3. Go for lean cuts and remove all visible fat from the meat.
  4. Whether you use your oven grill or barbecue, put a dripping pan to collect the dripping fat underneath a splash-proof metal screen.
  5. Cooking meat, chicken and fish at high temperatures also produces substances called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that have been associated with a cancer risk in animals. This could explain why eating red meat frequency is associated, at least according to some studies, with an increased risk of certain cancers like colon cancer.
  6. Other potentially toxic compounds are generated by chemical reactions that occur when foods are cooked at high temperatures.
  7. Carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed when foods containing nitrites (as preservatives) are heated.

Indoor Grills

Reduce risks

  1. Avoid outbreaks, as burned juices or fat can produce noxious smoke. If the smoke from dripping fat is too dense, move food to another area of??The grill, flip the grill or reduce the heat.
  2. Potentially harmful bacteria are killed by good cooking of meat, but can survive in rare meat. Always cook your burgers until the juice flowing from the meat is clear and never place your cooked burgers on the same place where you put your raw meat.
  3. Cover the perforated aluminum grill before starting to cook. Aluminum will protect your meat from smoke and fire.
  4. Keep small portions of meat so they do not have to cook too long.
  5. Defrost meats before grilling. Cooking frozen meat is a plan to burn the surface before the inside has time to cook.
  6. Grilled foods are extraordinarily tasty. What’s more, this technique does not require the addition of fats or oils. Vegetables cook quickly on the grill and lose little of their moisture or vitamins.

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